Saturday, November 28

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Shopping Lists

I realise that I’m a little lax when it comes to updating my blog. So I’ve decided to simplify the process and put up random funiness that happens when you live somewhere like Bali. Communication issues are foremost. So today I present, what will hopefully be the first of many, a shopping list given to me by my maid/cook. Who, by the way, can neither read nor write so must ask the gardener to write these for her. They get better and better.


Most of it is quite ok in fact. But it took me a while to decipher numbers 7 and 8. Enjoy.

Sunday, April 26

Taking politics seriously

I remember passing a particular candidates poster one day a few months ago and laughingly saying to a friend that it would be so Bali if this mad joker gets in. And guess what? Bali’s “top comedian” has actually secured a seat on Bali Regional Representative's Council (DPD)! I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry, either way it certainly says something bout this island’s inhabitants. Would you vote for this guy?:


I’m definitely digging the bleached mohawk tho.


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Friday, April 24

Bali Hyatt Hypocrisy?

Here’s an email doing the rounds on the Bali grapevine.  It seems the Environmental Affairs department needs clean up their act (sorry, had to). Haven’t attached all the pics from the original email but you get the idea…

Attn Hyatt:
Brigitta Witt
Vice President, Environmental Affairs

Farley Kern
Director of Brand Public Relations

Dear Hyatt Corporate Management,

We are a group of concerned individuals (residents - Indonesian & expat, tourism workers, ngo workers, businesses, tourists, surfers, students and children) that are frustrated with the destruction of Bali's environment and the lack of environmental law enforcement and corporate social responsibility.

We want to inform you that the Hyatt is in gross violation of not just your own Hyatt environmental/sustainability policies and local Indonesian laws, but are also putting the health of your own guests at risk.  Hyatt management has over the years exploited the lack of local environmental law enforcement and knowingly illegally disposed of its wastes and other dangerous residue and subjugated the community to this pollution (photos attached).  This should be of grave concern to the Hyatt since it not only ultimately harms the future prospects of your business but also exposes Hyatt to legal liability and bad press back in the home countries of your concerned guests.   It is unbelievable in this day in age that Hyatt acts in this manner; it is 2009, not 1809!!  Wake up!!

We insist and will continue to insist through letters, emails and other means (iReports, Youtube, travel blogs and website reviews, and journalists) that Hyatt abide by your own internal environmental/sustainability policy as well as local laws.  We hope you take this matter very seriously, as we do.

Respectfully Yours,

Friends of Bali



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